Welcome to Django Admin Sortable’s documentation!

Django Admin Sortable is a super-easy way to add drag-and-drop ordering to almost any model you manage through Django admin. Inlines for a sortable model may also be made sortable, enabling individual items or groups of items to be sortable.

Supported Django Versions

Django 1.4.x

Use django-admin-sortable 1.4.9 or below.


v1.5.2 introduced backwards incompatible changes for Django 1.4.x

Django >= 1.5.x

Use the latest version of django-admin-sortable.


v1.6.6 introduced a backwards-incompatible change for sorting_filters. Please update your sorting_filters attribute(s) to the new, tuple-based format.

What’s New in 1.7.0?

  • Python 2.6 backwards compatibility. Thanks @EnTeQuAk

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